Tuesday, 19 May 2015

News - Flash Bang Band Release New Single

Having released their debut album Bite Your Tongue, featuring the singles If You’re Driving, which caught the attention of Tom Robinson, andArt History - one of John Kennedy’s XFM ‘Big Ones’, Brighton Noise-Pop three-piece Flash Bang Band kick off 2015 with a tour of Europe and brand new single Spooky Action at a Distance. Whilst touring mainland Europe during promotion of Bite Your Tongue, the band listened to a lot of motoric music – perfect for the persisting miles on the road. Band’s like ESGMetricBe Your Own Pet and Zun Zun Egui were on repeat. They also found themselves playing alongside a wealth of bands with whom they felt a strong kinship such as Francobollo and MOHIT. These collective influences resulted in the sound of Spooky Action at a Distance.

SAaaD's subject matter is about being led astray by a friend and getting a buzz from it. Maybe due to intoxication or standing at the edge of a sordid scenario, flying in the face of obscurity with a close one but feeling alienated. We’ve all got friends who move us beyond our norms, get us into trouble and inspire us. SAaaD is dedicated to them – the ones who pull you outside yourself, somewhere more fun, more reckless.

This recording marks a step in a darker direction, to a noisier place, a place that has always enveloped the band's live performances. Sometimes dubbed Death Pop, this new sound forms a bridge between the band’s lo-fi studio album debut and the material being pegged for the next full-length release.

The track enjoys a self-produced promo video featuring psychedelic dancing and strange animations. Meanwhile the band are back out in Europe touring and promoting SAaaD with UK appearances at Birthdays (East London) and The Great Escape.

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