Friday, 29 May 2015

News - Feral Five Release Neurotrash Video

Proud of declaring to the World that they are 'your new favourite band', hiapop Blog makes no secret of their love of Feral Five.

Seemingly an age since their debut release Skin, they are now back with a 'turbocharged leftfield beats single meeting electropunk brainfood in a neon explosion'. It also recently featured in the sizzling drag queens film ‘Dressed As A Girl’.

The new song was inspired by science wars about the brain. Science guru Baroness Susan Greenfield dubbed pap gender psychology 'Neurotrash' and both she and the legendary Rosalind Franklin are namechecked in the song.

Some fab dub effects fighting to get out amongst the trademark post-punk sound mashed with high powered dance beats.

Suddenly the World seems a better place.

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