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Music - Part 432 - Pulco

Pulco – Rodeo EP


Out Now

8 / 10

Welsh singer and musician releases his new EP. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Pulco then is really is time to get acquainted.  The solo project of one Ash Cooke for the last ten years is one of lo-fi, D.I.Y., poetry, songs and general noise.

As guitarist with Cardiff band Derrero he toured with the likes of Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Catatonia and Super Furry Animals and was celebrated in John Peels Festive 50 of 1998.

With an almost punk-like attitude of recording when he has something to say, Cooke has developed a huge respect amongst fellow musicians including Johnno Casson and Nat Lyon who have often collaborated with or covered his work.

The new EP, was apparently unintentional with Cooke messing around with a slightly fuzzed out sound, four songs came to life and the Rodeo EP was born.  Opener, the brilliantly titled Last Welsh Girl AT The Rodeo is a pseudo Country Skiffle affair and features storyteller lyrics against a simple but effective backing.

Slow Trem, is unsurprisingly built around Cooke’s Telecaster guitar and with a simple bassline.  Vocals make way for a spoken word sound byte discussing the choice of language for Canada.  Slightly bizarre, but such is the world of Pulco.  The plodding bass underpins an easy listen and cute track.

Bakesale is a tribute to the Sebadoh album of the same name released in 1994 where Cooke recounts Derrero supporting the band on their UK tour and sharing after-show pleasantries.  It features spoken word in a treated voice and the ‘chorus’ is catchy to say the least, declaring that he loves Sebadoh with another Country Punk backing.

Closing the EP is Digits, a madcap affair which could also be the bastard child of Devo and Johnny & The Hurricanes.  A frenetic drum pattern with nonsense sounds, harmonies and semi-shouted vocals makes for a slightly mad end.

Pulco deserves more recognition.  Fact.  His no-nonsense, do-it-my-way approach is nothing short of admirable, and if you haven’t previously enjoyed his vast work (now amassed to ten albums) then, like this writer, it’s time you sat up and paid attention.

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