Thursday, 30 April 2015

News - 45s at 33

Steve Urquhart has been producing radio for around twenty years. He’s created short-form and long-form features for BBC Radio 4 (where he’s also a continuity announcer) as well as BBC Radio 3, KCRW’s Unfictional, and In The Dark (UK). He’s won several awards for his pioneering work with National Prison Radio in the UK, and he teaches radio production skills. Steve is a composer, a pianist, and an occasional DJ.

He has become a tiny bit obsessed with slowing down songs from 45 to 33 rpm, to hear how well they work.  "Jolene" is the obvious winner - but there are several other stunning examples… and plenty that are less than stunning.   He has investigated, so you don't have to.

His new feature for ABC Radio National (Australia)'s Radiotonic. It goes out overnight tonight (UK time), but it's already there to listen / download now:

He has also made this short accompanying piece for their sister programme, Soundproof:

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