Tuesday, 10 March 2015

News - Junk Releases Debut EP

Utilising both natural and electronic elements to create rich new textures, Junk draws from his classical training and a collection of delicate samples to create lush, swirling atmospherics in this stunning release.
Opening song ‘Eyes Shut’ perfectly encapsulates Junk’s talent for subtly blending versatile soundscapes to haunting effect. Filled with the hazy vocals of singer Amy Spencer (who forms one half of emerging duo Leiik with squareglass signee Bunki), layered electronics, twinkling keys and subtle saxophone build-ups, it’s a beautiful break from conventional production techniques that has already seen the track featured on the likes ofDots and Dashes and Acid Stag.

Opening with spacey sounds, chirping birds, and celestial male choral samples, ‘Over’ is a rich, downtempo gem woven with Amy’s ethereal vocals and understated beats, and is currently being offered as a free download. The downtempo vibe is further reinforced in the calming instrumental ‘Pace By Pace’, with its woody snares and sensual saxophones, as well as in final track ‘State’, whose more minimalist approach was inspired by the likes of Steve Reich, and provides a zen-like conclusion to the EP.

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