Monday, 2 February 2015

News - Ain't No Love Stream New Track

Ain’t No Love are made up of rappers Roland ‘1990’ Broere and Elias ‘Beanz’ McBean, alongside the hypnotic singer Saidah Conrad.

The group’s music is a blend of hip hop, electronic beats and rnb vocals. A unique mix that was formulated in the clubs and on the streets of Montreal. After years of hard work, their music grew bigger than their home city and spread throughout the world due to their notoriously high energy live show which win fans wherever they play.
‘Plummet’ EP takes all their live energy and harnesses it in a six track statement of Ain’t No Love. The EP opens with ‘Plummet’ which intro’s with a slowed down reversed Saidah vocal. Chiming synths and booming trap drums throw the track into life as Saidah’s SZA-esque vocals set the tone of the track as she sings about “all of these drugs in my stomach.” The track is a bold introduction to Ain’t No Love’s brand of self-proclaimed ‘renegade pop’.

‘Cry in the Rain’ showcases a more tender side to the group as emotive rhymes are paired with a club beat. The musical range of Ain’t No Love is shown again on the track ‘High Right Now’ which channels the chilled out hazy mood of fellow Canadian artist The Weeknd‘Summa’ flips the mood with an upbeat track with soft synths and smooth vocals to warm up the cold winter days. ‘Grow Up (Sip Slow)’ closes ‘Plummet’ with piano and synths dueling alongside Saidah’s vocals and the rapper’s rhymes. The closing track is a perfect ending which brings together all aspects of that Ain’t No Love talents - the music and vocals entwined across a broad musical spectrum to create an engaging and energising body of work

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