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Music - Part 389 - From Kid

From Kid – You Can Have All The Wonders (Sonic Service)
2 February 2015

Swiss electronic duo release their debut album.  

There’s something very pleasing about From Kid and their very near perfect pop songs.

Applause is maybe a very brave album opener as it barely skims the surface but is carried along by the subtlest of instrumentation and adorable harmonies. It sounds very much like an album closer, a reprise if you will, and beginning with what would ordinarily be the end maybe sets the Swiss duo apart.

Again with second track Need Of Our Skin comes another easy listener.  In terms of production it’s well-polished and doesn’t set a foot wrong.  It’s skilfully arranged and resists the temptation to break into something more lively as it slowly and teasingly glides to its end.

Instrumentally often sounding like a cross between a-ha and Simon & Garfunkel its interesting as there are frequently similarities in the vocal styles of Morten Harket and Paul & Art.  Recent single Come In could almost be the 2015 equivalent of Take On Me with the same clinical pound of snaring drum and delicate synth melody.

This Is All begins full of life, maybe a little too automated and maybe a little Commodore 64 sounding (anyone under the age of 40 should Google this) for all its effervescence it is maybe the one track that is slightly out of place and disjointed.  Wonders is typically 80s or 90s synth pop, and the closest thing to a title track is a nice halfway point through the twelve tracks. 

A hint of modern semi-electro folk with Water Flows and yet another track where both Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch harmonise to gorgeous effect.  Two voices which blend together perfectly.   Closing Scene is again leisurely and Waltz does maybe exactly what it claims as a piano and singular voice combine.

From Kid is an often delicate sound.  The duo obviously work well together and they seem comfortable in their style.  It’s not overly intricate, it’s just well thought out alternative pop music.  Album closer, Dead Ends is again restrained but nothing short of delightful and ends an album of quite stark quality.


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