Thursday, 8 January 2015

News - Jape Release New Single 'Seance Of Light'

It's shameful, but hiapop Blog has only just discovered the talents of Irish outfit Jape.  We do however like what we hear.

The new single, sounding like the meeting point between Lightning Seeds and Faithless with generous sprinklings of Peaking Lights, can only mean one thing - a mighty fine tune.

Séance Of Light bounces along in a fine pop fashion with a wondrous chugging bassline and some highly infectious melodies and hooks.
Taken from the forthcoming The Chemical Sea, their fifth studio album it drops hot on the heels of Novembers single The Heart's Desire which was recently remixed by the aforementioned Peaking Lights.  If the singles are anything to go by then the album will be an absolute cracker and hiapop looks forward to hearing it in full.

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