Tuesday, 2 December 2014

News - Blancmange Announce New Album

The fifth Blancmange album, Semi Detached is scheduled for release via Cherry Red Records on 23 March 2015.

Available on vinyl, cd, deluxe cd and download, the album will be the first without the involvement of Stephen Luscombe.  Containing a track dedicated to The Fall (who Neil Arthur has seen perform live many times), a cover of Can's I Want More and the next single Paddington due to drop on 9 March.

The full track listing is:

The Fall

I Want More

It Didn’t Take Long 
MKS Lover

Like I Do 
Deep In The Mine


Bloody Hell Fire

Second disc on deluxe cd:

I Want Your Love (Extended Version)
Silk Sea
That Worm
Paddington (Extended Version)
I Want More (Extended Version)
Like I Do (Extended Version)
Useless (Extended Version)
Paddington (Alternative Edit)
I Want Your Love

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