Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Music - Part 373 - Twenty Fifteen CDs

Nope, I’m not asking you to pick your favourite album of 2015 already, more a little bit of fun.

Do you file your music collection in an order?  Alphabetically?  Chronologically?  Digitally?  By genre?  Completely mixed up?

Alphabetically has always been the way for me (with numbers preceding the letter ‘A’, and don’t forget that ‘Mc’ and ‘Mac’ come before ‘M’ – that’s what once being a librarian dos for you!)’.  In my opinion t’s the only way to find something quickly and easily, and simple for anyone else to get one on your behalf too!

So here are the 20th and 15th cd albums in my collection.

20.  The B52s - Best Of – Dance This Mess Around



15.  Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine




Next up – cds singles, vinyl albums, digital, vinyl 7” and vinyl 12” !


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