Monday, 22 December 2014

Music - Part 369 - Centre Excuse | Biscuithead & The Badgers | Σtella | The Ship-Tones | Tim Held |

More singles from those kind PR folks.  Will they get lost in the Xmas bonkers weeks?  Time will only tell:

Centre Excuse – Worthless (New Motion Records)

Nice enough Indie 80s sounding pop effort.  A tale of worthlessness from Teddy Lewis who does everything on the single from vocals, synths and programming to a ripping guitar which energises the track.    Catchy chorus and loads of life.


The Centre Excuse website is here.

Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers – Snow (Crabophone)

More from the utterly insane Dinosaurs At My Caravan album.  A song about, well, snow.  Full of life and a mini lesson in science complimented with their trademark brass section. Not as strong as some of the other tracks on the album, but it is Xmas.


The Biscuithead website is here.  

Σtella – Picking Words (Inner Ear Records)

Stella Chronopoulou (aka Σtella) releases a delightful modern day Indie disco/dance single.  Athens born Stella has a strng voice at times not unlike La Roux.  Picing Words is taken from the forthcoming Happened Before album.  A supern bass line underpins a highly infectious melody and vocal.  Definatly one to watch an an album to look forward to.


The Σtella website is here.   

The Ship-Tones Featurng Edwyn Collins - Dilemma (Philophobia)

Leeds based duo The Ship-Tones will be releaseing reggae reworks of standard rock znd pop tracks featuring the original vocalist.  First up is the legend that is Edwyn Collins with a version of th track fro 2013s Undertstated album.  A delightful lazy roots track with some lovely subtle dubs.  Collins’ vocals compliment the style perfectly and an album from The Ship-Tones is eagerly awaited here at hiapop Blog.


The Ship-Tones website is here.

Tim Held – Pimp Squad (Mama I Love You)

Tim Held allows the word free access to another of his incredible workings in th form of a free download.  2014s Alb(Lum) was a major triumph and his January scheduled follow up, TypicalHaunts looks like following suit.  Pimp Squad isn’t included on the album but does give us an insight into the experimental world of Held with cut-ups, crunches and bassy beats.  Brilliant stuff.


More Tim Held on Bandcamp here.  

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