Monday, 24 November 2014

News - The Vultures Share New Video

London’s neo­gothic alt­pop maestros, THE VULTURES, release double­A sided single, ‘Vlad’/’Cancer’, on 8 December on Ciao KetchupRecordings.

"‘Cancer’ is a beautifully baleful ballad alla marcia, a sinister yet sensual song that pairs the vocals of Ben and Justine to unforgettable effect. It was written and recorded while Justine was recovering from thyroid cancer, and is a moving personal testament. The pulsating ‘Vlad’, meanwhile, part Hammer­horror score, part post­punk masterclass, is a delicious statement of noirish intent that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck due to either its malevolence, its magnificence, or both.
Both songs are accompanied by eye­catching promo videos that further emphasise The Vultures’ artful grasp of inventive aesthetics and discomfiting humour."

"The Vultures are an evenly split male/female sextet whose members descended on the capital from five countries spanning three continents. Comprising three­part vocals, cello, violin, viola, bass and drums, the band bonded over a shared belief that rock’n’roll has become stiflingly dull. The Vultures are anything but, eschewing guitars, synths and digitalism in favour of intense in­the­flesh performance. The group’s darkly gorgeous soundscape is sculpted from a broad range of material, encompassing influences from Bjork to Blondie, Serge Gainsbourg to The Pixies, and resulting in innovative and impassioned alternative song. Set to contaminate the public consciousness in 2015, The Vultures' debut album, 'Three Mothers Part 1', will be released on Ciao Ketchup Recordings on January 26."

The Vultures have a website here.  They are on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

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