Tuesday, 4 November 2014

News - Kentish Fire Release 360 Degree Video

"Kentish Fire is a synth­pop band from Camden, London, composed of Michael Inkpen (Inky), Anna Gregson, Andrew Louis (Snakes) & Warren Gebhardt. The name comes from an old English expression for the disruption of political meetings with rhythmical stamping & applause. Their upbeat mix of indie rock & electro dance is characterised by the infectious melodies of both Inky and Anna sharing lead vocals. Presenting themselves as a sonic militia with their revolutionary garb, Kentish Fire deliver charged energetic performances, fuelled with brash guitar riffs, overdriven staccato synths, pumped­up bass lines and heaving stop­start rhythms. Sprung from the same indie rock/electro movement that boasts a bloodline of bands including Friendly
Fires, Foals and Death From Above 1979, Kentish Fire has their own take on the scene, keeping a sense of humour present in their performance and a boundless drive to keep the crowd dancing."

"In Our Band is a song about a group of musicians, forced to make ends meet by playing the cover band circuit. In the video, we follow the band as they make their way through London, to perform at a gig. This story is captured with the same 360 degree camera, usually found, strapped to the roof of a Google Streetview car. Instead of using the 360 navigational aspect of this tool, the footage for this video has been unwrapped and displayed as a panorama. The resulting image is strangely hypnotic, where the background seems to be constantly unfolding whilst the band remain locked in the foreground. The musicians seamlessly perform into camera the locations behind them change with almost every cut, showcasing a view of London that is both unique and strangely puzzling."

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