Wednesday, 12 November 2014

News - Honey Wild Stream New EP

Brooklyn indie rockers HONEY WILD knew they wanted to diverge from their afro-punk roots after releasing "Garden / Magnifique Innocent" last November (which received praise on La Blogotheque, CMJ, The Wild Honey Pie and others). What the four-piece didn't know is this re-imagining meant lead singer Joe Stevens (second from left) would delve within his relationship with the concrete jungle, himself, his girlfriend, and further into shoegaze in just five short songs (released via Shorewave Records) which Stevens recorded tape-to-tape in his Greenpoint apartment.

The five tracks ("Home," "Hung Up," "Janet," "7 Train," "Hair Song") have seemingly simple names with far deeper reflections on urban life and love. "Home" elaborates Stevens' relationship with post-college life in the NYC; "7 Train" talks about the grind of living in the unforgiving city as an artist; "Hung Up" looks into how his relationship has led to a personal transformation. On "Hung Up," Stevens says "I was lost in a nostalgic, self-absorbed daze that left me sheltered. Now, I've decided that I should live in the moment and revel in my relationship."

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