Monday, 17 November 2014

News - New Festive Album For Small Bear Records

Ok, Ok, I know it’s only November and hiapop hasn’t even contemplated the 2014 Festive 50 yet (there are still some great releases floating around!), but those fine people at Small Bear Records over in the Isle of Man have released their third annual festive collection.

It’s available as a free download, or if you have the Xmas spirit in your wallet then you can contribute any amount you like.

Featuring acts from the UK as well as France, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and even America, the album swaggers through Indie-pop, garage rock and some general silliness over sixteen tracks to whet your yuletide appetites.

Head over to their Bandcamp site here where you can download Never Mind The Baubles and watch the video for Postcode’s donation Some Things Never Change below.

The Small Bear website is here, and you can like them on Facebook here.

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