Thursday, 20 November 2014

Music - Part 337 - Sylvia | The Future Dub Project | Silhouettes | Men In The Sky | Seb Stone | Kicking Harold | Hunck

There seems to have been quite an influx of singles and EPs dropping of late, some good and some not so with some destined to be forgotten forever over the Xmas lunacy.  Here’s a round-up:

Sylvia – Wolvey, Ansty

You should probably like this song if only the shallow reason of the name of the band and song-title, and for the vocals sounding slightly weird for a bloke.  Apparently akin to a cross between Radiohead and Jeff Beck the end result is a rather super chunk of racing alternative pop if I ever heard one.  Catch me on a good day and I’d tell you it’s one of the singles of the year.  Today, I’m having a good day.


The Sylvia website is here.

The Future Dub Project – Captain Hook EP

UK bass collective release their debut EP containing eight remixes of three tracks.  Given the band’s name there’s a slightly disappointing amount of dub until you reach final track CaptainBounceMash which is fast paced reggae/dance/toasting, even then it’s pretty limited.  The Captain Hook mixes are pretty standard ska pop efforts.  Other tracks Boogie Walk and Smoove are more ‘club’ than ‘dub’ and a little bit similar sounding. 


The Future Dub Project website is here.

Silhouettes – Sacrifice (Integrity Records)

From one of 2014s finest albums comes the new single available as free download. It’s a nice slab of 80s tinged electro pop which would satisfy every New Romantic that was there at the time.  With a bit of an obsession for the decade going on, there’s a good chance that this song could get heard.  Not the best track from Ever Moving Happiness Machines but still a fine tune.


The Silhouettes website is here.

Men In The Sky – Men In The Sky

Another of 2014s best albums came in the form of Version 1.0.1 by Men In The Sky.  Sounding like a cross between New Order then and now, the bands infectious electro dance beats are incredibly likeable indeed.  Their ‘theme tune’ is one more string in their metaphorical Bernard Sumner guitar.  If this band never get wider recognition then it’s a huge travesty and they should tie themselves to the Reception door of the Hacienda apartments in protest.


The Men In The Sky website is here.

Seb Stone – Roads

Not my cup of tea at all so I’ll try and refrain from any unkind comments as I’m sure he’s a very nice lad.  Sounding like any other pop tune that seems to infect your brain nowadays.  Maybe for One Direction fans.


The Seb Stone website is here.

Kicking Harold – Kill You

Hollywood alternative hard rockers combine Nirvana with Red Hot Chilli Peppers in a re-release of their 1996 track from the Ugly And Festering album.  It’s a cracking slab of dirty rock which makes me want to pick up that guitar that I can’t play and shake my long hair.  New album Red Light District due out in January.  Crank the volume up loud kids and enjoy!


The Kicking Harold website is here.

Hunck – Something Missing EP

The video for the lead track has already featured earlier in hiapop Blog.  The duo bring us lamenting guitars which combine with subtle vocals to make a wholly pleasurable experience.  Borders on going a bit changgy (is that a real word?) in the guitar area and sounds good for it.  Slow, unpretentious and very enjoyable.  More of the same please lads.


Hunck are on Soundcloud here.

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