Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Music - Part 300 - Steve Barker 'The A To D Mix'

Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire hosted by Steve Barker is 30 years old this month.  Steve has very kindly put a special hour-long Louder Than War playlist together which can be played below, together with some exclusive comments on each of the tracks.

DJ Sandrinho – Berimbau
Rio Baile Funk master from the favela do Borel at work on string driven thing back in 2007.

DJ Clap Pina – Unakunukulpan
Also known as Clap Freckles, a DJ producer from Monterrey Nuevo Leon in Mexico, essential mutant digi cumbia for the mix from 2011.

DJ Peligro - Dame duro
A completely mental hi-jack of the Bam Bam riddim from 2009.

Diggory Kenrick & Tapes - Pipe cleaner
Reggae flutes and crazed East End digi mix out of Leipzig’s Jahtari label.

Arthur Russell - Lucky cloud
You can never get enough Arthur.

Amanar - Tenere (El Mahdy Jnr remix)
Sahel Sounds rules the outer edges of African music, twisted dubmeister E Mahdy gets on the mix straight outta Turkey, he dropped the stunning “Spirit of Fucked Up Places” on Portland’s Boomarm Nation.

Bab Lee - Soul les Cocotiers
Ramps up any dance.

Big Ass Truck - Five O'Clock Shadow
Defunct and lost genius mutant funksters from Memphis.

Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease
It’s not only John Lee Hooker who does mad boogie.

Dub Specialist – Lusaka
Studio One classic dub by its in house rhythm engine, version to Alton Ellis’ “Mad Mad”

Dylan Carlson - Gold 1
Transcendent solo electric guitar reaches the heights.

The Bug – Void
Kevin Martin on the cool side of bi polar.

Delia Derbyshire - Liquid energy
Did the BBC recognise the genius working away in the cellar?

Burial - In McDonalds
We have all been there.

Chang Loo - Sixteen tons
Cool Hong Kong r’n’b styled reading of the old Tennessee Ernie Ford standard.

Chilly Gonzales – Kenaston
Who though tunes like this could be written anymore?

Clams Casino - Unchain me (Lil B)
Mixtape heaven with a short stay from the ultra-productive MC.

Autre Ne Veut - Ego free sex free
Glistening modern r’n’b not heard much on radio for some reason.

Bass Clef - Set adrift on memory abyss
One of the most challenging new artists at work in the UK demonstrates why.

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Piublished on Louder Than War 16/09/14 - here

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