Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Music - Part 285 - Ally Kerr | Grimm Grimm | Red Rose Empire | Barbarisms | Damn Vandals

Our Post-person has been troubling the letterbox again and here are a few of the singles that have fallen onto the hiapop Welcome mat:

Ally Kerr – The Bitter Part (Much Obliged Records)

From the new album Viva Melodia, Ally Kerr gives us a lovely little single which stinks of 60s folk psychedelia.  Gaining much recognition as another Scottish singer-songwriter that seems to be flooding through at the moment.  A sumptuous trumpet solo compliments a super catchy song with a toe-tapper of a chorus.  Nice.


The Ally Kerr website is here.
Grimm Grimm – Kazega Fuitara Sayonara (Pickpocket Records)

Gorgeous singles continue with the brainchild of Koichi Yamanoha and his ‘minimal space-folk’ affair.  Featuring a Nico-like voice and some brilliant chimes and gentle percussion it’s quite something to behold.  Not the catchiest title in the World but it’s a bit of a stunner and fingers crossed there’s an album to follow.


The Grimm Grimm website is here.

Red Rose Empire – The Ballad Of Blondie

Not entirely sure whether this is a song about Debbie Harry or not.  Either way it’s all guitars and semi-shouty vocals so if Iron Maiden’s ventures into heavy-pop are you’re thing then this is for you.  Catchy enough with a few nice Spanish acoustic strums, but it’s nothing new.  Acoustic rock and pretty harmless.


Red Rose Empire stuff on Soundcloud here.

Barbarisms – Easier All The Time (Control Freak Kitten Records)

Instantly forgettable on first listen, but incredibly infectious on the second.  From the eponymously titled album due to drop on 22 September it’s a delicate track from the Swedish hipsters.  Slow, jangly guitars and a haunting chorus which is sure to be this weeks earworm.  There’s something very addictive about the song and you’ll definitely play it more than once.


The Barbarisms website is here.

Damn Vandals – Cities Of A Plastic World (Sexy Beast Records)

From the album Rocket Out Of London that I really shouldn’t like at all comes one of ten storming tracks chewed up and spewed out as a silly, immature, rock song.  I love it.  It’s all testosterone, shouty and powersome guitars, and probably not one for your Auntie Mabel over Sunday dinner.  Fun, fun, fun and a kick in the balls.  Tremendous.


The Damn Vandals website is here.

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