Friday, 22 August 2014

Music - Part 273 - Paul McLinden | Biscuithead | Flaunt | Draw | Men In The Sky

Here’s another handful of singles that those lovely Record Companies like to keep my Postman busy with:

Paul McLinden – Head Happy/Cheer Up (OneInchPunch Records)

An AA sided single which is something rather special.  Both tracks from the forthcoming Head Happy album released later this month.  Glaswegian Paul McLinden amply displays his credentials with two very catchy efforts.  Head Happy is a hypnotic and repetitive song making you feel all super-duper for the day.  Cheer Up is a comletey different style, rockier but still as enjoyable.  Godd work Fella!


The Paul McLinden website is here.

Biscuithead and The Biscuit Badgers – Cheese (Crabophone)

With a name like theirs you’d maybe expect Biscuit And The Biscuit Badgers to be slightly bonkers, but they’re not.  They are actually completely unhinged.  If you like Reeves And Mortimer you’ll probably love their daft sense of humour.  Words are hilsrious and cleverly hang over frm one line to the next.  Completely mad and pure genius.


The Biscuithead website is here.

Flaunt – I Might Have Broken Ur Heart

Despite some very silly spelling in the title, this si actually a pretty good track.  It’s simple and atmospheric notes compliment the voic perfectly, and with some added blips and bleeps along the way it’s all very pleasing.  Desribed as the “modern day equivalent to Keats” (not sure myself), the American act show promise.


The Flaunt website is here.

Draw – Alone Again Or (Empire Records)

A very creditable cover of th Love classic which was made popular again by The Damned.  Released to raise money for the Children’s Hospice Assocation Scotland.  Originally fecorded in 2002, Alone Again Or was archived by Empire Records shirtly after the band split.  Released for the first time some 11 eleven years later it has elements of the orohinak whilst tipping a cap in te]he direction of Mr Vanian and crew.


Draw are on Twitter here.

Men In The Sky – Doom (Radio Edit)

First time I’ve ever heard of a single being released from a previously EP, but what do I know?  The Scousers release an edited effort from Version 1.0.1. and why shouldn’t they?  Echoes of Peter Hooks bass and Depeche Mode circa 1993 combine to make a cracking track with some excelnnet drum sounds and guitar twangs.  Watch out for Men In The Sky, you’ll hear a lot more of them.


The Men In The Sky website is here.

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