Thursday, 31 July 2014

Music - Part 264 - DIA | Idyll | Gospel | Eoin Glackin | The Sons

With a weeks holiday in Euro Disney on the horizon and a stack of cds to review, it seemed as though I was going to get quite bogged down.  So, I’ve taken the opportunity to whizz through five singles in fifty or sixty words each to honour the very kind record companies and PR peeps that have sent music my way.

So here they are……….

Dia – Icy Icy (Tech Records)

Out a while and bit miffed I haven’t reviewed properly.  A catchy little ditty with hints of M.I.A., loved by my five year old daughter and a real earworm.  Half Dutch half Japanese, DIA has an unusual dance track going on here with hints of her Eastern lineage.  Maybe a video that won’t get aired very much because of its blade wielding and shots of nakedness (shock, horror).


Idyll – Paradisal (Anticodon Records)

We like this at hiapop Blog.  A duo hailing from America and Sweden, Idyll have made a lovely, calming track no doubt made more so  by the slow-mo video.  Mixing ethereal pop and electronica with a swirling production.  Four alternative mixes on the cd make it a nice little thing.


Gospel – Serbian Girl

A brilliant, if slightly controversial sleeve accompanies this single, but the song itself isn’t anything amazing.  A 80s/90s Shoegaze Indie feel with a loose chorus, dark feel and not much else.  Won’t set the World on fire but may please leather jacket wearing jangly guitar lovers along the way.


Eoin Glackin – Pretty Girl EP (Tuleen Music)

A four track EP from the young Dubliner.  The lead track is probably the poorest and has all been done before.  It’s all acoustic and lovey dovey about a young girl singer.  Standout track is Rain Finally Came if nothing else for sounding like a Deacon Blue outtake.


The Sons – I’m Not Happy (Cannon Fodder Recordings)

From the quite brilliant Heading Into Land comes the albums third single.  I’m reliably informed by my wife that some of the lyrics are stolen from Red Dwarf and they may well be, but to be honest who cares when it’s as enjoyable as it is.  An ironic lively, funny, Summery feel, the video is rubbish but the track is available to download free from their website and has a nightmare ending for radio stations.


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