Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Music - Part 183 - Bad Dads Club

Bad Dads Club – Good To Be Loved
Out Now

Pop collective Bad Dads Club release their first single.  

I have to say that I’m not familiar with Bad Dads Club or any of its personnel, and in many ways that helps as my judgement isn’t clouded.  It would appear that core members, Steve Blood and Andy Lee, have been around the block one or two times.

Steve Blood is a bit of a production whizz and remixer.  He’s been admired by Mary Ann Hobbs and Steve Lamacq in their Radio 1 days, remixed for Afrika Bambaata and run Woof Records in the 90s.  Performing as Wide Receiver, some of music has been used in British movies Dog Eat Dog (Breakbeat Sushi) and The Debt Collector’s title track.

Andy Lee has been a professional singer/songwriter for well over thirty years.  Writing at Polygram and rubbing shoulders with Del Amitri and Roachford, he’s enjoyed his fair share of success.

Together with Carl Mann whose guitar work incudes sessions with Sleeper and Kylie, they present to us Good To Be Loved.  Now I like a good pop song, it’s a skill to write something that’s not only commercially successful but also stands the test of time, and that holy grail, the classic pop song, is a creature that doesn’t often emerge from sleep. 

Much as Good To Be Loved is a good catchy song, it’s really throwaway pop that will be popular now but forgotten in twelve months.  And it is catchy – although after listening to the nine remixes here, it’s probably difficult not to sing it afterwards anyway.

The Tuscan Leather remix which heads the EP is like an Erasure b-side.  That’s not being critical of either group.  It’s a compliment to Bad Dads Club that they can be thought of in the same mould as the duo who really have created classic pop over the years, in fact Andy’s voice isn’t dissimilar to that of Andy Bell.  It’s a nice enough song, good chorus and melody, and some nice effects. 

The song is slowed down on the Dreampop and Sunday Morning mixes, again nice enough but a little too similar for my liking.  For me the EP come alive with the Audiotrip version.  It’s a powerhouse of a disco house remix and is head and shoulders above everything else here.  It would, I imagine go down a storm in British nightclubs and I suspect that that is where Bad Dads Club will have their success.

It’s all been done before, yes, but there will always a market for a good pop song.



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