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Music - Part 130 - Einstürzende Neubauten & Perc

Einstürzende Neubauten & Perc - Stahldub Interpretations (Submit)
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The story goes that Perc was given unrivalled access to Einstürzende Neubauten and their 1981 album ‘Kollaps’, together with ‘Stahldubversions’ from 1982, to allow him to strip back the original versions and re-invent them.  This he has certainly done, but, with respect and passion (cited as one of his most influential albums), and has created something that will appeal to fans Neu and old.

Whilst maybe not a household name, Neubauten will be revered by many an electronic music fan – with open acknowledgements from Depeche Mode to Cabaret Voltaire, from Throbbing Gristle to Portion Control – they took music one step further and validated their claim that any sound can be processed (or not) and added to a composition, also unwittingly spearheading the DIY music assault.

‘Stahldub Interpretations’ sees four tracks, ‘Sado-Masodub’, ‘Rivieradub’, ‘Liebesdub’ and ‘Lünebest’ updated in fine fashion.  Neubauten purists can rest assured that the tracks have lost none of their original appeal, in fact, it could easily be said that Perc has added a completely new dimension to the tracks and brought them bang up to date.  All with the Germans’ blessing.

‘Liebesdub’ is probably the least affected track, actually very similar to the original dub version, but with the slightest of dubs added creating a post-dub sound very akin to D.E.A.D.  The treatment of ‘Sado-Masodub’ is great and the sound quality is superb.  The sheer power and aggression is not lost, in fact, if anything, it’s enhanced into something really special.

‘Rivieradub’ steams along like a locomotive preparing for its inevitable de-rail, before finally coming of the tracks with two minutes left and revealing the carnage before exploding again to the end.  An intimidating slab of musical history re-incarnated for the 21st Century in style.

Existing fans will be satisfied with the tributes, and, new fans have somewhere to begin their exploration of musical legends.  It’s a shame the collaboration will be limited to this one EP, but, good things they say, come in little packages.



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