Monday, 30 September 2013

They Wear It Well! - Miriam Campbell Part 2

When the lovely Miriam Campbell agreed to pose with Martin Stephenson (or vice versa?) for a photo wearing the very stylish hiapop badge it made a certain Blog writer very happy.

I really didn't expect another impromptu photo  a few weeks later of Miriam displaying her incredible balancing skills.

I also didn't then expect her to take a short break from cleaning her fridge, to sit inside it and send another silly pic.

Later that night, her group Mir, rehearsed what I am sure will be some more rather wonderful songs.  This gave my favourite nose-balancing-fridge-hiding-female-singer-songwriter the perfect opportunity to then hide in a bass drum.  Like you do.

What more can I say.  Ace artist.  Lovely lassie.  Up for a giggle.

If you haven't heard Mir's current album, then you should give yourself a slap and click here


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