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Music - Part 110 - Paul Mosley

Paul Mosley – A Chattering Of Birds (Folkwit Records)
Out Now

With fans ranging from Graham Coxon to Jools Holland, Paul Mosley has been quoted as a writer of “genius songs”.  Louder Than Wars Paul Scott-Bates finds out why.

When you’re faced with listening to an album of birdsongs, to say your passion is somewhat underwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.  But, wait a minute, this isn’t an album of  Johnny Morris and his musings, this is an album of rather impressive quality.

The bird songs in question are beautifully crafted by a man whom I have, for my sins, never previously heard of.  Paul Mosley writes lovely folk-pop songs of endearing quality and unparalleled charm.  Take the title track and opener with its wry “A chattering of birds, gets on my nerves”, blending Talk Talk with Colin Vearncombe’s Black, in an unusual and brave start to an album.  Slow paced but perfect.

Hummingbird could almost be Seasick Steve both in terms of vocals and the blues/rock/boogie feel of the song.  The fantastically dark The Beast oozes feeling and emotion and is simply stunning.  Said beast circling in the air signalling the end.

The highlight of the album could well come in the shape of Red Crow.  Sumptuous guitar playing and another brilliant lyric tipping a hat in the direction of Don McLean or Andy Fairweather Low.  You can’t help but fall in love with songs like this, they grip you and don’t let go.

There are also hints of Mark Cohen and Tom McRae which lends testament to the diversity of the album with a great brass accompaniment on Champion.  There are sweeping violins, double bass and harps itching to get out of some of the arrangements too.  It’s a very refreshing album by an artist you really should check out, sounding a little American in parts (don’t let that put you off) and performing songs that deserve to be appreciated by a mass audience.

Album closer, Hey! It’s The End f The World sees Paul reach incredibly high notes with an end to an album that you’ll want to listen to again and again.  And, any song with the line “Bring on the exploding dancing girls” immediately wins my approval.


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