Monday, 8 July 2013

Music - Part 104 - Snippet

Snippet – DIY (Rash Records)
Out Now

Snippet is Johnno Casson.  A London boy now calling Essex his home.  A home he shares with an ability to write some of the catchiest songs you will hear this year, and, where he has written, recorded and produced an album of rather fine quality.

Opener, Let’s Talk About Us, has a real funky little groove going on throughout an incredibly catchy song.  The chirpy, cheeky, cock-er-ney and his squeaky guitar deliver an instantly memorable hook with a warm, glowing voice and a bouncing melody.  The sound of the summer.

What follows becomes a theme throughout the album where the albums six ‘proper’ tracks are bound together by various interludes, often courtesy of Johnno’s children, often original and often funny.  The first is the best telephone answering machine message I’ve ever heard.  I’m even considering buying such a machine simply to put There’s A Bear onto it.

Also available as a limited edition cassette, like the mix tapes some of us made as kids, D.I.Y. captures a homemade feel that is very endearing.  Johnno is clearly a very talented musician, but is also a superb songwriter mixing, funk with folk and ska creating sounds that are both uplifting and enjoyable.

Another great pop song in Come To My Party with a great wah-wah backing, delivered with style and prowess.   “Ain’t you had enough of politicians” – behind the fun sounds are some quite incisive lyrics which probably reflect Johnno’s personality of family man with attitude.  Absolutely Love is a funky little monkey of a track whilst the slower Gone To Ground shows another side to the album by  telling the tale of one’s own death or departure and questions whether he is still needed around.

Much To Much is laid back and slightly hypnotic, whilst Celebration is bouncy, fun and probably one of the most infectious songs you will hear all year.  Perfect pop.  Closing with a reprise of Let’s Talk About Us we’re left in the wake of a fascinating album.



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