Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Music - Part 99 - Eyes & No Eyes

Eyes & No Eyes – If No-one Else Saw It (Willkomen Records)
24 June 2013

I know very little about ex Brighton art school quartet Eyes & No Eyes, but, that may soon change after the release of a double-A sided single which is really rather entertaining.  Instruments guitar, drums and bass are joined by the unlikely cello to create sweeping,  part-atmospheric  tracks which demand several listens and weave their ways into your subconscious.

Starting with a lovely, clearly produced sound, If No One Else Saw It is part shoegaze, part alternative pop with a cutting percussive beat and vocals not unlike those of Sigur Ros’ Jon Por Birgission which wind beautifully alongside a sumptuous jangly guitar.  The rolling drums and precise cello also have hints of Bury boys Elbow, so there is clearly an audience in the waiting for the band.  It’s a full sound without being overcomplicated and is memorable and catchy even before the chorus appears, rising halfway through and soaring away before coming back down to land as the track closes.

There’s an album due later this year which Eyes & No Eyes have spent the last year recording together with touring throughout Europe and the UK.  Recorded live it promises to “capture the energetic interplay” of the band and there’s really no reason to not look forward to its release.  Also on the horizon is a conceptual electronic EP alluding to Matmos and Kraftwerk which sounds a mouth-watering prospect.

Flying Machine is probably the better of the two tracks here.  A mid-tempo track that breaks off a couple of times and is held together by the cello which underpins the melody.  The group do have a knack of writing a very good tune, not over commercial, but catchy enough to set your cd player to repeat several times.  A real grower that cleverly entwines a well written melody with subtle vocals. 

A very appealing sound and a group to keep an eye (or no eyes?) on.



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