Friday, 28 December 2012

Music - Part 40 - The Pelvis Douglas

I was 9 years old in 1977 (no, really!), and, punk completely passed me by.  I remember the Silver Jubilee at a friends house.  I remember my Grandad dying the year before, and, a holiday to America which allows a sense of irony.  I don’t think the Americans really ever understood punk (and don’t to this day – cue howls of derision from the balcony).  Ok, there were few, very few, exceptions, but, their version of punk was ‘punk pop’ or New Wave.  However good Rip Her To Shreds was, Debbie Harry hasn’t got a punk bone in her body.  American punk heroes, Green Day, wouldn’t know punk if it jumped up and slapped them around the face with a string of safety pins shouting “I’m punk, I’m punk”.  There, I finished my rant.  Steps down from soapbox.

So, what does French punk offer us?  Well on the face of it, The Pelvis Douglas seem to have absorbed a lot of ‘real’ punk and made a pretty good attempt at it.  Sure, they’ve also got some New Wave chucked in there, but, give them credit where it’s due.  This album is pretty darn good.

Formed only this year, The Pelvis Douglas release their debut eponymous album of 13 tracks with the approval of the masses.  Opener, Chris Waddle (not a popular song title for many a Burnley FC fan) is full of life.  At less than two minutes it moves along with finesse and a great guitar line.  A vocal like an express train and sounding more American than French.  Perinne Turiez has a powerful riot grrrl voice that really carries the track along and straight into Let The Water Run.  Brash, bold and big sounding there really is little time for breath.

Flying Needles ignites after 6 seconds.  This four-piece sounding a little X Ray Spex.  Again a fairly catchy little affair.  You know you aren’t going to get any slow paced stuff from this album.  Great driving music in the form of Change Of Mood with an early Blondie-esque New Wave sound.  Over 13 tracks, you don’t get much more than 30 minutes, but, when music feels as good as this it really doesn’t matter.  My opinion is that you get to hear the album again very quickly!    West Side Surf goes Ramones, Renegade a nod in the direction of The Damned.  There’s plenty here to get you very excited.  Bathroom Door chugs along with just guitar and vocal for more than half of the track before exploding and Nation’s Fashion powers forward from the off.

There’s a little more ‘American punk’ with Summer Red Wine, but don’t let that put you off.  The Pelvis Douglas seem to have the knack of making very listenable, reasonably angry, noisy little tunes.  Probably a great band live too – Vive La France!

Buy the album on Bandcamp here

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