Thursday, 6 December 2012

Music - Part 29 - Laurel Halo

When her album, Quarantine, was released earlier this year, it was well received and highly acclaimed.  On the strength of Sunlight On The Faded it’s easy to see why.

Its high paced, techno, step rhythm is energetic and memorable after a few listens.  The backing is involved with samples and effects disappearing as quickly as they appeared.  Laurel’s vocals are good too, nicely fitting in and easy on the ear.  There’s a peculiar moment two and a half minutes in when the music totally drops out and a single beat takes place before the track comes back to life.

The b-side is allegedly a ‘dub’ version, and, whilst I can’t find anything remotely similar to dub, it’s again good listening.  In short, it’s an enhanced instrumental of the lead track.  It may have been better to have this version with Laurel’s vocals rather then nothing at all, as it would make a pretty good alternative version.  Its low tempo ending is refreshing and ends the track with calm.

A few listens were required to make this track ‘click’ with me, but, as far as it goes, it’s appealing and worthy.

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