Sunday, 25 November 2012

Music - Part 27 - My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward

DJ Suren Seneviratne and Producer Will Ward have teamed up to make a curious little EP.

Opener, British Princess, is a catchy, toe-tapping, hypnotic track.  A swirling intro and slow mono tones and that ‘clicky’ drumsound that seems to be popular at the moment (check out Breek), soon moves into a racey ambient track with techno melodies.  Tight effects and the occasion ‘boing’ together with a more convention percussive beat creates an instrumental that will stay in your head for a while.  Different noises and effects zoom in and out and keep your more than interested.  It’s a good start to the EP, but unfortunately, it’s the highlight for me.

At over six and a half minutes, Caves, doesn’t really go anywhere for me.  I’m not adverse to drone, but, this really doesn’t get me.  A looped melody, with a sampled vocal doesn’t seem to present anything new, or, capture my imagination at all.  I found myself checking my Twitter timeline whilst it was on.  There is, however, an interesting drumbeat – but apart from that, sorry.

Giant Shoe is on the similar line to Caves.  It starts off encouragingly, but, stays there for the most part.  As a soundtrack it would probably suit better, but, as a standalone track it’s just not cohesive enough.  Interestingly, the net finds you a video made by Suren which contains stock photos of planets and space travel, and, to be fair, this suit the track much more.

The promise is there and I’d like to think that My Panda Shall Fly is capable of much much more.  If the intention of this EP is to be a relaxing affair, then it succeeds, but don’t expect to be swept away.

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