Monday, 10 June 2019

PREMIERE! - Granfalloon - Lysistrata

Granfalloon will release Lysistrata - their first single of 2019 on 14th June - which will be followed by their second long player in Autumn 2019.

Granfalloon, initially began as the Manchester based folktronica recording project of Richard Lomax, and the debut album, Down There For Dancing, was released in 2017. Lomax, who is now proudly backed by a group of musicians from the EU, makes a hybrid of lo-fi folk, experimental music, and electronica - weaving oddball elements, such as Omnichords and vintage drum machines, into dreamy cinematic soundscapes.


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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Listen! - Rosie Bans - Sugar

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Monday, 3 June 2019

Watch! - Cabinet of Millionaires - Theresa, Vol. 3

Friday brings a monumental event, long awaited by many in the UK – Prime Minister Theresa May finally steps down from office. Many times described as a “a safe pair of hands” for the UK, she is likely to go down in history as one of the worst British premiers. Salon’s headline reads “Europe has claimed the career of yet another Conservative prime minister”. After less than three years in office, Theresa May faced a disastrous loss of confidence in her leadership among MPs and cabinet ministers, ultimately pushed to announce her resignation.

Earlier this year, Huddersfield electronic collective Cabinet of Millionaires introduced their own protest song – simply called ‘Theresa”. Fast forward several months as they now present their new EP 'Theresa, Vol. 3'. Cabinet of Millionaires bring a scathing attack on the austerity policies of the UK’s Conservative Party government, referencing the Windrush scandal, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and failure to take in enough refugees (whilst selling arms), not to mention the dismantling of the country’s National Health Service.

In short, this is remarkable protest music. It is timely and with meaning – this is a voice the people need to hear, delivered in a format they can also enjoy. This politically-charged set will release via Bandcamp on June 7, well timed for this occasion, with availability on other online platforms as of June 14.

“Theresa’s resignation speech was painful. Austerity is clearly NOT over and the Government’s lack of response to Grenfell was actually pretty shocking, NOT something to be proud of. We hope you like the package. Its honest. We’re not saying we are political because its fashionable all of a sudden. The lyrics are straight to the point. No sitting on the fence. We want the Tories out and a general election NOW!" said the band’s spokesman Dave C.

A hooky dance tune with a serious underlying edge and powerful vocals from 
Pat Fulgoni, this five-song release includes the original version of this track and four remixes, including one from USUK, a collaboration between Leeds-based award-winning Allen & Heath sponsored DJ/producer Mark EG and Chad Stegall, an American piano composer and synth addict.

Renowned producer 
Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Terrorvision, Klammer) also delivers a lush Donna Summer-meets-Underworld dance remix, in addition to contributing guitar on the original version of 'Theresa'. Zion Train’s remix of Theresa is a brutal take down of Theresa May and her Government’s austerity programme.

Cabinet of Millionaires is an uncompromising project with a ballsy soulful political message and infectious grooves. CoM is also heavily involved in Love Music Hate Racism and the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. Like other protest music, ‘Theresa’ is a song that helps people realize they're not alone in feeling a spirit of dissent against certain injustices. And this track is so infectious, you can't help but sing along to the lyrics “come on you're squeezing on the poor / selling arms for illegal wars / give your austerity a rest / save our NHS / i'm thinking about those Grenfell babies / I'm thinking about this Windrush generation / i'm thinking about your failure to take your full quota of Syrian refugees / I could go on…”

Earlier on, Cabinet of Millionaires released the singles 'Satan's Horses', 'Serve Me' and 'Cabinet Of Millionaires', receiving radio support from the likes of Eddy Temple Morris and Nemone (BBC Radio 6), as well as various American college radio stations.

Vocalist Pat Fulgoni has a fantastic raw soul voiceHe sings across a wide range of genres including his own live blues band, even massive Drum & Bass artists like Camo & Krooked, Teddy Killerz, Bcee, Logistics and The Vanguard Project. Technimatic’s 2019 single “Sometimes” received support from Annie Mac and Rene La Vice on BBC Radio 1. He's toured the planet with various acts from the USA to China and throughout Europe. His activism began in the 1990’s when he collaborated with Tony Benn MP and organised the No Compromize CD against the introduction of tuition fees in the UK.

On June 7, 'Theresa, Vol. 3' will be available for digital download across online stores such as 
Apple Music and streaming platforms like Spotify. It can already be obtained via Bandcamp here

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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Listen! - Toxic Chicken - Wormhole

Order full album here.

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Review - Phildel - Wave Your Flags

Phildel – Wave Your Flags


Out Now

British singer, pianist and songwriter returns with new album. 

It’s been quite a five years since the release of the staggering Disappearance Of The Girl.  Over 100 million streams on Spotify and performing the miracle of birth by bringing twin boys Dylan and Finn into the world have not precluded Phildel Ng from recording a new album, Wave Your Flags.

It hasn’t been an easy process for her and artist Chris Young, her long-time partner and musical collaborator.  As a child, Phildel suffered an often abusive relationship with her stepfather in a home where music was banned.  Maybe this melody restriction fuelled her passion for music where she hid a lone cd in her desk.  At the cost of a family relationship, she recently attempted to bring him to justice to no avail, and now finds herself estranged from her mother and sister.

Wave Your Flags acts as something of a healing process for her.  An album of self-repair which involved a self-referral to hospital for her own safety, an album where she finds strength from the things she values and loves and above all, an album of quite breath-taking quality.

Imagine a Venn diagram made up of Tori Amos, Alison Goldfrapp and Dido, and Phildel will attempt to sit on the periphery of the trio whilst presenting a voice that is one on its own.  She doesn’t warble or wail like many of today’s new voices, instead she has a pure and perfect voice that is warming, angelic and often sends shivers down your spine.  Make no mistake, there is a huge star here waiting to burst into the world.

From the opening bars of The Deep is it clear that Wave Your Flags is a near perfect album, sounds and voices are positioned and timed with a clinical precision, each syllable is sung with seeming ease and every sound fits snugly to its counterpart.  With songs of fissure and healing, Wave Your Flags is powerful yet gentle, therapeutic and provoking.

Lead single, Electric Heights is gloriously empty.  A void filled with wisps of vocal accompaniment, snitches of sound and well placed echoes creating a great expanse of calm and warm feeling.  Oh Love expresses her gratitude at the support from Chris after she imagined turning herself into the Thames expressed in The Great Wave.

As with Disappearance Of The Girl, there are fascinations with the sea, adding to the fluidity of Wave Your Flags with Wild Sea, Floods and Great Wave and second single from the album, Glide Dog oozes a sexy tension akin to that of Alison Goldfrapp in a song that entices a mild horror to proceedings – “I need more blood than you can pour love.”

The album closes with its most commercial offering in Glorious, a track that will no doubt feature on tv commercials, adverts and incidental music in the future.  It’s catchy and memorable, lifts the pace to a pop height and ends the album on a massive crescendo.  Phildel is a huge star in the waiting, doing things her way, in her time and on her rules, make no mistake, she is an enormous talent.

Published on Louder Than War 26/04/19 - here

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Watch! - Fifi Rong- Upstream


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Listen! - Razorrawks - Call To Arms Ft Marx & Grhymz


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