Sunday, 23 December 2012

Music - Part 38 - Twenty Twelve Twenty

Twenty Twelve Twenty

I’ve discovered some great stuff this year – it’s always difficult when you’re born with an eclectical taste in music, but, so very rewarding when you find things to satisfy your soul.  It often think it would be far easier if I liked JLS or Adele or One Direction, but I feel nowhere near as exciting as finding D.E.A.D. or My Jerusalem, or, being given the chance to interview Princess Chelsea, or re-discovering Swans Way.  I’ve also been recommended a firm of oven cleaners by Vince Clarke, but that’s another story.

So, here they are (with loads of links - if you’re vaguely interested), in no particular order:

Six years in the making and well worth the wait.  The master of modern day dub at his very best.

2.       Pure FormPortion Control

Highly underrated but massively influential, returning with a huge slice of punk/electro angst.

3.       Fly On It – The Apples

My new favourite Israeli, funk, disco, sould, hip-hop, scratching, instrumental band.

Probably Martin’s finest ever album.  Need I say more?

Telling of the seven ages of woman.   Original and beautiful.

Superb album from the New Zealand writer/producer/Goth.  A uniquely unique album.
(My interview with Princess Chelsea here)

An album that left me lost for words.

8.       Ssss – VCMG

Depeche Mode founders Vince Clarke and Martin Gore re-unite after 31 years with an analogue album of addictive quality.

The return of one of Britain’s most original artists.  Was it worth the wait?  Damn right it was! 

Politics is ripped apart and pieced back together again – incredible stuff.

A superb album of remarkable quality.  I’m a believer.

Re-released with extra stuff after 28 years.  A forgotten classic.

Ninth studio album from grossly underrated songwriter.  A lesson in acoustic recording.

An album that I wasn’t expecting to find as interesting as I did.

Strictly speaking, not an album, but, it’s my list and I’ll do what I want with it.  Amazing stuff.

Matt Johnson and JG Thirlwell guest on the DJs first album in 12 years.  Worthy of mass appeal.

Thirty years after Talk Talk appeared on the music scene, thirty acts cover their songs.  Superb interpretations.

If this is ‘death dub’ then I like it.

One of the most original and compelling albums I have heard of late.  I don’t want to live in Walker’s world, but, don’t mind visiting occasionally.

Unsigned, solo artist from Manchester.  Album of tremendous quality, made with love and passion.

Wow, wow and treble wow!  The Lucifer album is given the dub treatment and the result is a stunner.

That’s all folks – keep listening!

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