Friday, 23 July 2010


It's time to tell the nation
about my ‘castration’,
and the one who held me back?
Or, maybe I should halt this attack?
But, I think the time is right
The time is right to write
of how I was halted
the true me assaulted
Not able to be who I was
or, who I wanted to be
Thinking it was love
Then plodding
for what seemed a lifetime
What seemed a lifetime
resulting in depression
at the merest suggestion
And, being dragged further down
Thinking I would never get out
however much I’d scream and shout
“Let me out!”
“Pull me out! “
“Drag me out! “
of this bottomless pit
The drugs did work
Sometimes I still peer over the precipice
but I don’t fall anymore
Now I have someone I adore
and she adores me.