Monday, 11 October 2010



Never been one for blogging - invasion of privacy?

Maybe if I'm a little 'vague' (no smart-arse comments, please!), I can get away with it. No need to generalise I don't suppose.

Four children (two from a previous, one adopted, one a Princess), four chickens, the most amazing wife I could imagine. One lucky chap, eh?

Loves music, occasional poet, budding Twitter-holic, enjoying life, depressive, trying to be green - reduce, re-use, recycle!!!

Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect. Tolerance. Understanding.

Friday, 23 July 2010


It's time to tell the nation
about my ‘castration’,
and the one who held me back?
Or, maybe I should halt this attack?
But, I think the time is right
The time is right to write
of how I was halted
the true me assaulted
Not able to be who I was
or, who I wanted to be
Thinking it was love
Then plodding
for what seemed a lifetime
What seemed a lifetime
resulting in depression
at the merest suggestion
And, being dragged further down
Thinking I would never get out
however much I’d scream and shout
“Let me out!”
“Pull me out! “
“Drag me out! “
of this bottomless pit
The drugs did work
Sometimes I still peer over the precipice
but I don’t fall anymore
Now I have someone I adore
and she adores me.